February, 2008

Feb 08

The pink horse of the gold digger Apocalypse

Check out SugarDaddyForMe.com. It’s where attractive young women meet wealthy men, online! It has the notable quote

Men want the younger and more attractive women. And, women, want the man with the bigger and more sheltered cave.

Feb 08

RIP Bill Buckley

He passed away while working at home at the age of 82, which I’m sure is the way he would have wanted it.

I saw him speak and started reading his books in my junior year of college. Now that I think about it, he gave a 90 minute speech with style, no notes and no missteps.

I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts about it later, but for now, Rest in Peace.

Feb 08

Quote of the moment

From Megan McArdle on Adderol

But if you don’t like the self you got, surely you’re entitled to murder it and replace it with something better. Whether or not your true self is the sick one or the better one, you only have one life and limited scope for action; why should you fritter away your opportunities just because nature destined you to be scattered or sad?

Feb 08

Quick Link Roundup

Feb 08

The bookcase is nearly done

I still need to come up with the footer, but here it is, it’s eight feet tall by four feet wide.

Feb 08

On the turning of 35

I turn 35 and Castro resigns! Who knows what else will happen this year…

Somehow I thought it would be different. Apparently it hasn’t made me any more prompt with blogging since my birthday was actually Sunday.

In any case, Schelling Point now has it’s own Wikipedia entry.

Feb 08

Saturday links

Most of these factor info my coming law enforcement meldown/feedback mismatch post I’m going to write one of these days…

Feb 08

The internet says I agree with Ron Paul

Via Dan, check out Glassbooth, it’s a decent political survey tool. I scored

Ron Paul – 81% – Huckabee – 68% – McCain 62%

Medical Marijuana and Drug Policy very similar
Trade and Economics very similar
Taxes and Budget very similar
Gun Control very similar
Civil Liberties and Domestic Security similar
Iraq and Foreign Policy very different

How about y’all?

Feb 08

A good article

On gang life in Los Angeles

Feb 08

Marching Toward Hell

Michael Scheuer’s new book Marching Toward Hell, America and Islam After Iraq came in the mail today, I’ve read the first 20 pages or so, it looks to be a very good read. The man is the Merle Haggard of foreign policy.