April, 2008

Apr 08

Helpful profane campaign slogans

Contains some profanity, which makes it not safe for work if you work in uptight places.

Apr 08

The Freedom House sessions

Yesterday marked the first of what will hopefully be many Freedom House sessions, this time with Rocksploitation. Recordings will be available soon.

Apr 08

At the zoo

I’ll be doing a more formal gallery soon, but here are some samples of my visit to the zoo with Mike and Erin.

Apr 08

Advances in child management

A wonderful technical acheivement

Conflict follows device that drives away teen loiterers
A wall-mounted gadget designed to drive away loiterers with a shrill, piercing noise audible only to teens and young adults is infuriating civil liberties groups and tormenting young people after being introduced into the United States.

Such wonderful times we live in.

Apr 08

Signs that democracy has run it’s course

The candidates are appearing on wrestling shows.

Apr 08

The best graffitti ever

See it here. Just imagine the preparation involved…

Apr 08

I venture out in the middle of the day with camera

To the studios of Griffin Mastering, conveniently located six doors down the street.

The quote of the afternoon was by the new harmony singer: “My armpit smells like hamburger.”

Apr 08

In honor of tax day

Here’s where your money goes. Military spending is a surprisingly low percentage.

Apr 08

Rocksploitation joins the internet

Check out the new Rocksploitation site – designed and built by me.

Apr 08

Words of wisdom from surprising sources

From Understanding Wood Finishing comes this little nugget of wisdom:

The real reason for secrecy is the necessity of concealing the fact that there is nothing to conceal.

I wonder if historians will look back onto our age and note that the war on terror was won, as much as it could be won by mid 2002 and we just kept on going. That would explain the decision to go into Iraq, that is to say the short term problem was solved for a while, so why not work on the long term problem?

Update – I mis-phrased this. It should read more like “we solved the problem, and then tried working on the condition with no avail.”