November, 2008

Nov 08

Things I’m not thankful for

I’ll have the list I’m thankful for later, but here’s one that is obviously not in that category.
Federal deficit could hit $1 trillion this year

One Trillion Dollars!!!

Nov 08

The funniest thing I read today

Is this Urban Dictionary entry on Atlanta (Definition 26):

If you like ghetto fabulous craphole dumps, you will think you have died and gone to heaven in Atlanta.

The simple and direct entry on Forsyth County is good (and somewhat accurate) too.

Nov 08

Making little rocks out of big rocks

Sorry for the dreadfully light blogging lately – for the record, here is a short summation of my thoughts lately.

  • Bush will issue between 150-200 pardons between now and when he leaves office
  • I’m still furious about the bailouts
  • I think my initial view of Obama, as being an excellent figurehead, with no fixed ideology, is coming into sharper focus.
  • And this is the funniest commentary on the bailouts I’ve seen yet. It’s a good indicator that popular opposition remains strong.

Nov 08

Quick Sunday link

Nov 08

Wrapping up a miserable week, and onto another

Work has sucked, my dog has somethign wrong with him, and I’ve got a massive toothache. But paying in art instead of money makes me smile.

Nov 08

Something funny

From this Wikipedia page on Melungeons

On the other hand, in the tensions about race and slavery leading up to the Civil War, several Melungeon men were tried in Hawkins County, Tennessee, in 1846 for “illegal voting”, under suspicion of being black.

It brings to mind the Dick Gregory joke

“I’d rather be black than gay because you never have to tell your parents you’re black.”

Nov 08

Link clearing roundup

Thoughts on the recent events soon, here we are just to clear off some tabs

Nov 08

Realtime election results

For the State of Georgia can be found here

Nov 08

Election predictions

Obama by 3.5 percent nationally (the polls overstate the Democrats, but not by enough to matter), the Dems pick up 20 or so house seats and make it to 58 senators, Allen Buckley pushes the Georgia Senate race into a runoff, which Chambliss will pull off by a narrow margin in three weeks. Bob Barr does better than any recent LP candidate with over 1% of the vote, coming in at 3% in Georgia. Obama will be a good winner, and McCain will be gracious in defeat, and out long, lurid parade of tired whores will finally be over.

Now everyone read this article on why voting in unimportant.

Nov 08

Line of the moment – morning edition

From Tom Palmer’s entry on the DC gun case

“When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away”
John Steinbeck.