December, 2008

Dec 08

So very true

Via Megan

More galling is the phony outrage from politicians about how the banks are actually spending the money.

Dec 08

Tuesday rapid fire

Dec 08

The line of last night…

(Woman I was talking to referring to band on stage)

“The singer sounds like he’s hitting a baby with a cat”

Dec 08

Dry Fit!

Here is the current state of the woodworking project. I went with SYP for the sides and shelves (with a gel stain, it looks very nice). On to finishing!

Dec 08

Listen and mellow

Dec 08

Best Dentist Ever

That would be the good folks at – not cheap but there were able to work me in and do a lot of emergency work nearly painlessly. Highly recommended and quite worth it. Nice, non-judgmental folks too

Dec 08

All the King’s Men

I recently saw All The King’s Men, and was quite impressed. It joins the ranks of old movies everyone should see. Basically it’s the story of Huey Long, the populist and crooked governor of Louisiana.

Dec 08

Turning Japanese

We’re officially in a recession – and for the first time in living memory American household debt shrinks! Americans really will do the right thing once all other options have been tried!

Dec 08

Quick links

Dec 08

I hold my nose

I hold my nose, club my conscience, and smother my scruples and voted for Chambliss today. Barr’s suggestion was important to me, enough to get me over my outrage at his campaign literature mentioning “Fiscal Responsibility”.

Incidentally my polling place was deserted, which points to a substantial win for Chambliss.