September, 2012

Sep 12

Wednesday Links

A very chilling look at the Sandusky matter, and persuasive evil in general.  It gives sports a new horror.

Utah Quote

No matter how new age you get, old age will kick it’s ass.


The past didn’t go anywhere.

An idea for a long blog post I need to write at some point

Iron Man technology vs God Technology

Iron Man technology allows you to do something you couldn’t do before, or do you something better.  Like excel or a database.   Usint it allows you to change something  or it helps in the change of soemthing. God Technology allows you to sit there for a while and then feel good after a while.  Like Facebook.  Or you sit there for a while and do not feel good but you fulfill your Social Obligations, also like facebook.  Either way, nothing has changed but you’ll do it again soon.

Well Put

The rich person is not the one who sits on a plushy couch or otherwise needs a lot of stuff or a lot of conditions to be satisfied to be comfortable. In fact, such a person is very poor having externalized their ability to be comfortable. The rich person is the one who can be comfortable or happy in any kind of situation.

Sep 12

Random Sunday

Your seemingly daily Utah Phillips

Spokane is a place like Denny’s – it’s not a place you go to, it’s a place you end up.

Metaphor for America These Days

Back in World War Two they didn’t make pet food, so we had to keep chickens as pets.  We had two chickens.  One day one chicken got sick, so we killed the healthy one to make chicken soup so the sick one could get better.


If you’ve got to have heroes, make sure they’re dead so they don’t blow it.

Non Utah – read The “Wash My Ferrari” Problem: A Meditation on Risk


Sep 12

Random for Monday the 9th of September

Utah Quote:

Try to remember that Nature bats last.

More Utah

There are people in every audience who are just there to look for mistakes and he’s playing for them as well.

Missoula has  DINKS, Double Income, No Kids, Butte has SKINNIES, Seven Kids, No Income

Sep 12

Quote of the day – Saturday the 8th

More Utah

God isn’t dead, he’s only embarrassed.

Thought from Me

Work is a way of turning time into work, and a business is a way to turn work into money.

Sep 12

Reading for Friday the 7th

Random thought – it’s hard to be enraged and well rested at the same time.

Utah Quote

A promise made is a debt unpaid.

An interesting person.

Sep 12

Quote of the day – Thursday edition

MMM nails it

Not many people realize it, but food, clothing, housing, durable goods, travel, and a host of other things are cheaper today than they have been throughout most of history. These prices have actually been dropping in inflation-adjusted terms for decades. So if you focus your spending on meeting your needs, as the MMM family likes to do, you couldn’t have been born at a better time. Life is fantastic.

On the other hand, corporate marketing skill and consumer envy have been rising faster than inflation for quite some time.

From Ramit

every time an HR rep gets fired, a life coach is born

Sep 12

Quote of the day

From Utah Phillips

It doesn’t have to be perfect, the engineering mindset is a series of personality disorders anyway.

Sep 12

New photo

Sep 12

Worth reading on 9-4-2012

  • “Fools win pointless arguments by experience.”
  • The functions of faith
  • Quote of the day

    if you don’t get excited by numbers like $1600 and $2300 per year, I need you to take a break from reading, print out a picture of me, and use it to punch yourself in the face while looking into the mirror so you can watch the grave disciplinary scene unfold.