Jul 07

A minor improvement on the bleeding edge

As a result of fixes in the last version the Ajax Toolkit, it is now possible to do a full compile of an Ajax.net website! There’s not huge improvement in anything, but the resulting application is much cleaner.

Jun 07

Yet another FireFox tip

Type about:config in the address bar, filter by cache, and change the value of browser.cache.disk_cache_ssl to true. It speeds up the browing experience by quite a bit on ssl sites, particularly if they use Ajax.

Jun 07


Two things: Microsoft recently came out with an update to their Ajax Toolkit, and I was told today that my Digital Tool Factory application is the sort of thing that Microsoft likes to spotlight as a case study. Happy day.

May 07

A needed innovation

Last night I spent about seven hours trying to get a particular Microsoft web product to work, only to discover at the end of a long search that you simply couldn’t make it work that way. I was trying to update the error message dynamically and have it appear in the VCE

It would be quite handy to have a list of things that a product CAN’T do, it would save so much time trying to prove negatives. Perhaps that should be a new site idea.

May 07

Friday Rapid Fire

Jan 07

Ajax.net nugget of wisdom

Here’s something I’ve just spend 90 minutes discovering – if you use inline code containing a Request.Querystring that screws up the Microsoft Ajax.net code causing it to do a full postback.

Jan 07

Quick round up to clear off some firefox tabs

Dec 06

Ajax is a seductive swamp

Specifically the Ajax.net toolkit. It would seem that one can’t retrofit an existing site, though who knows why.

Jul 06

Cool C#/AJAX things

Jul 06

Sunday round up

  • Cool Outlook tool – with mapping
  • Flash + AJAX – could be cool, it seem to duplicate Atlas and Ruby on Rails, but could still be useful
  • Hansel Minutes – for good taste in code
  • A good description of government

    The federal government is like a fence around a farm. The fence raises no crops of wheat and— no fields of corn. It only protects the farmer while he raises his crops, he giving a good portion of his time to keep the fence in repair. Just so we give a good share of our taxes to keep the great government fence in repair. I beg of you to keep this thought in mind that government has not a dollar to give any man…not a bed, not a cow or calf. Nothing but protection while you are at work for yourself. …Government has nothing to give anybody.

  • Photoshop Plug Ins!
  • I think Blurb will be the publisher of my first photo book.
  • An interesting history of the John Birch Society
  • Online Diagrams! Finally.
  • Brain Scanners? I remember this from a GI Joe comic in 1984.
  • Possibly a real electric car. I’ll let you know when I find out more.
  • Atlas the ever shrill goes to a protest. The interesting point is the mixture of text, photos and video on the page.