Nov 07

DC photos finally uploaded

I finally got around to posting them, they’re all from my small Canon.

Nov 07

Yet more DC

The guided tour of the capital was wonderful. More details later.

Nov 07

More DC

We were out and about today, the spy museum, bureau of engraving and printing, Holocaust museum, and a monument tour.

More photos below.

Nov 07

On the road

Aug 07

The rest of the Chicago photos

I’ve finished processing the pictures from my small Canon camera from the Chicago trip. I wasn’t able to bring the big Nikon into the event, so this gallery consists of the road photos and the non-closeups of the Crossroads Guitar Festival.

As you might guess from the quantity of photos, there was a long wait outside Buddy Guy’s nightclub.

Check out the gallery.

Aug 07

Sorry for the light blogging

Work has been insane lately. I should have the Chicago photos posted soon.

Jul 07

Back from Chicago

And everyone had a blast. The festival was great. More details and tons of photos soon.

Jul 07

We arrive in Chicago without incident

Driving exclusively at night resembles time travel. The vulgarity in the car reached new heights and several new terms were coined, none of which can be shared on this family blog.

Jul 07

Off to the Midwest

Photos to come in a few days.

Oct 06

For those keeping track

At the moment I’m back in town, leaving tommorow and coming back on Tuesday. Photo below of my dad’s driveway, taken on Thursday.