Aug 17

The first result for my name in google

Oddly is about police chases, murder/suicide and a gospel house band.

May 16

Cartoons of the moment

This SMBC Cartoon – summarizes me quite well


Dec 08

Tuesday rapid fire

Dec 08

The line of last night…

(Woman I was talking to referring to band on stage)

“The singer sounds like he’s hitting a baby with a cat”

Nov 08

Something funny

From this Wikipedia page on Melungeons

On the other hand, in the tensions about race and slavery leading up to the Civil War, several Melungeon men were tried in Hawkins County, Tennessee, in 1846 for “illegal voting”, under suspicion of being black.

It brings to mind the Dick Gregory joke

“I’d rather be black than gay because you never have to tell your parents you’re black.”

Nov 08

Link clearing roundup

Thoughts on the recent events soon, here we are just to clear off some tabs

Oct 08

Weird news from the Motherland

82-year-old traded drugs for sex, Kentucky cops say – in Berea no less!

Oct 08

Loner Updates

Sorry for all the light blogging – I’ve been in a frenzy building the new company/web application. I also installed (with a friend) a new carrying beam in the basement – the house is far more stable and level now.

In the meantime – check out the following links

Aug 08

When white people talk for a long time

The author of “Stuff White People Like”

And like is eerily similar to my life.

Aug 08

Saturday link clearing roundup