Similar to the Now and Heresies pages, here is an ongoing, sort of up to date list of changes I would make to improve the American nation

Military and Intelligence

Congress should double the retirement benefits of any flag (general or admiral) officer and prohibit taking any paid work after retirement. No paid punditry, no “serving on boards”, no consulting, no nothing, pure retirement. Such a rule should be a condition of becoming a general or admiral (or it’s equivalent in the intelligence services)

Congress and Presidential Administrations

Any congressperson or appointed and approved member of a presidential administration would be able to trade any stock for any reason, but such a trade would be publicly announced and on a 3 month delay.

As part of campaign finance law – any candidate for public office shall agree to spend a majority of time living in the actual district and or state where they are running for office – for the term of the office if they lose. I.E. if you are running for Senator or Governor of Georgia – you commit to living in Georgia for the next four years even if you lose. Hopefully this would result in candidates with better local knowledge and more prone to mistake theory (as opposed to conflict theory).

The House of Representatives shall be set to one representative per 500,000 people – the number of representatives shall rise or fall over time.

New States shall be added – TX and CA can easily be split into three.