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Sunday morning links

Sorry for the light blogging work, getting the condo ready for sale is taking up quite some time. Here are some links for everyone

Starting somewhere

I came across an interesting article on about a couple in Grant Park trying to erect a windmill on their own property. For those who don’t know, Grant Park is a tony neighborhood near the center of Atlanta that prides itself on diversity. Like most areas that pride themselves on diversity, it’s composed largely of childless college-educated types who overwhelmingly vote for the Democratic party.

Needless to say the neighbors are contesting the windmill. While they’re organized enough to put together a website, they don’t seem to be organized enough to utilize the Coase Theorem. Needless to say, I’m for them erecting the windmill on their own property.

Before anyone asks, wind power is usually much more efficient (per dollar) than solar energy, and also has a much lower starting price. Also, modern windmills are geared to prevent fast rotation which protects birds.

Monday link roundup

  • An in-depth examination on how to build an energy efficient house
  • Robot snipers in Israel
  • Strobist begins Lighting 102
  • No one thinks seriously about alternative energy. Check out this post from TreeHugger “New Battery Pushed Prius to 125 MPG“. It’s a great idea and invention, but it’s a plug-in hybrid. The motion is coming from the power grid. Granted electricity is usually more efficient than gasoline, but that’s like saying that a diesel engine gets infinite mileage because it doesn’t burn any gasoline at all.