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    Videotaping police

    Radley Balco, in a column on has an interesting and scary article video taping police at work. Basically there have been a string of incidents recently where people videotaping police at work (in uniform, in public, performing their duties) have been charged with crimes.

    It’s ridiculous. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy for a private citizen in public view, which is why traffic cameras and the legion of private security cameras are legal (recording audio is considered different by the law). Why on earth would public servants (who are supposed to work for us mind you) be immune from this?

    All this would change if we made all government agencies were funded from the public treasury and weren’t self-supporting, but that’s a topic for another time I suppose.

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    Battle of the Banks

    I’ve been searching for a new savings account lately, and my eye has been drawn to NetBank and HSBC Direct. Netbank has more fees, but they do publish their online Average Percentage Yield, whereas HSBC has no fees, but they do not list their APY outside of their promotion.

    Have any of my loyal readers had any experience with these companies?

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