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    • An awesome visualization of Migration Flows
    • Random thought – I came across a blog comment (a random walk from TDAXP) a while ago (something about social class) who suggested that the whole reason that libertarians don’t care about social class (i.e. the 1%, underclass, etc) is that libertarianism consists largely of the high side of the autistic spectrum and libertarians are incapable of seeing social class.  The implied assumption is that listening to libertarians talk about social class stuff is like listening to blind people talk about paintings.  IMHO that is a feature, not a bug but opinions will vary.  An interesting thought.


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    From Justified
    “Arguing with a man who has abandoned reason is like giving medicine to the dead”.

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    Quote of the day

    From some song on Utah’s show 

    Clearly God is all-powerful, he got the Jews to keep Kosher, the Muslims to keep Hallal, and the Baptists to put mayonnaise on everything.


    Stalin was the gravedigger of the revolution


    As an addendum, it’s fascinating to listen to these shows, Utah is a great storyteller, and expresses his views clearly and honestly.    His views and mine are quite far apart I can listen to him discuss something like fairness (defined differently than I would) , truth justice, war and so forth and honestly glean how other people think without forming any particular judgement on them.

    One other good attribute of his show is that it does not treat World War II as year zero of history, but rather as a culmination of forces that occurred before and after the war.

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