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The new faucet

Last week I decided to finally get a new faucet. Much to my surprise, the previous owner had installed the last one horribly. All of the nuts where misthreaded and stripped and it worked out to be a 6 hour pain. I wound up having to take the entire counter apart to get good leverage on loosening and remove everything.

An astonishing amount of gook can accumulate on the underside of the faucet over the years.

The counter with the back panel removed.


The underside of the old faucet.

Here is the finished product

You can’t beat cool

Tim from Neighbor’s Heating and Air (I did the site some time ago) just left after fixing my air conditioning and I have to say; quality really shows. The other two people I’ve had over here over the years both were constantly going back and forth to the outside unit and inside, before pronouncing that I had a Freon leak somewhere.

Tim (who also pronounced the Freon leak) just pronounces “Oh it’s a Lennox A-83” twists some knobs on the inside unit and does everything from there. And then it got very cold….


I just pulled a chicken bone out of my dog’s throat. Who doesn’t know that dogs choke on those?

Here I am walking my dog (on a leash, as always) on my private (but physically accessible to outsiders property) and I notice my dog acting a bit funny. After a quick check his mouth seems a bit strange so I open it up, see the bone, and then have to pull it out of his freaking throat. He’s fine now but who doesn’t know that chicken bones kill dogs? And what the hell are they doing littering on private property anyway?

No one who lives in this condo complex ever actually parks there (it’s not that convenient to any of the units) and the only person I’ve ever seen there is some woman checking a map, though I’ve seen her do that several times.