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Monday link roundup

  • An in-depth examination on how to build an energy efficient house
  • Robot snipers in Israel
  • Strobist begins Lighting 102
  • No one thinks seriously about alternative energy. Check out this post from TreeHugger “New Battery Pushed Prius to 125 MPG“. It’s a great idea and invention, but it’s a plug-in hybrid. The motion is coming from the power grid. Granted electricity is usually more efficient than gasoline, but that’s like saying that a diesel engine gets infinite mileage because it doesn’t burn any gasoline at all.

Quick Monday rapid fire

Yet more reasons to hate environmentalists

I just saw the creator of “Who Killed the Electric Car” on the Daily show. He did not address the problems raised by David Friedman (mainly cost), or any of the range argument. Instead it was the usual anti-corporate spiel.

That’s to be expected. What I found reprehensible was his not mentioning the new vehicle by Tesla Motors, or plug in hybrids from CalCars. Too many people in the alt-energy environmental front prefer a great excuse to a modest accomplishment and the director was no exception.

I suppose that’s why Solar Towers (CNN article here, WikiPedia here) don’t actually exist yet.

Wednesday rapid fire