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  • Weekly Goals

    A new goals scheme

    So – in imitation/emulation of Sebastian Marshall I am doing weekly goals for my company life.

    Last week was Week  (8-11-2013) – here they are (somewhat anonymized for client privacy)

    1. Refine FM site – DONE
    2. Finalize current draft of CE site – NOT DONE
    3. Record CE Site Tutorials – NOT DONE
    4. Fix Lingering Radio site problems – DONE
    5. Review R’s site and contract – DONE
    6. Fix annoying login mysql/php communication problem on DTF blog – NOT DONE (actually I did try this and have learned more about the problem, all to no avail)
    7. Implement accounting changes with two clients – NOT DONE
    8. Create proposals and followup for three clients – DONE
    9. Modify files to MC and send to subcontractor – BLOCKED (by circumstance beyond my control.

    So, in the first week I’m batting about .500 – with one block.  There was one surprise project that happened during the week (actually a future project that got moved up) that I successfully pulled off that would have been on next weeks list and all of my actual deadlines got met.

    So – what thoughts does this spark in reviewing the tasks?

    1. 20% of the goals were on basic infrastructure (accounting and the login problem) – both of which were prioritized down and not done.  20% seems like the right percentage of infrastructure/capital investment goals
    2. I spent far too much time writing the proposals – that seems like an excellent area for improvements – I need to develop more stock components and simplify delivery.  You would think I would do more of that with my current provider, BidSketch, but I do not seem to be using it for that purpose – I’m going to explore something more bare bones and integrated with my accounting system.  I think that is my best opportunity for a 10X return on time.
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