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Fifth Generation Warfare sighted in the wild!

Check out this interview on bloggingheads with the author of The Family, which is a book about a loose network of self dealing Christians in high placed.

From the interview (I haven’t read the book yet) it seems to match all of the definitions of 5GW (loose as they may be), and it’s been around since the 30s as well.

Thoughts from my fellow war nerds, which is to say Soob and Slog?

Patrick Lang smacks generation warfare theory

From this post about the French experience in Vietnam

There is a lot of talk these days about “generations” of warfare. Pay it no mind. The concept of “4th Generation Warfare” is a fraud perpetrated as a marketing device by scholars of warfare for the purpose of assuring senior officers that they are not to blame for their ignorance of military history. The various kinds of warfare (generations) have always existed on a contemporaneous basis (at the same time).

The best new development in some time

Check out this article on MSNBC about American computer geeks disrupting and scooping al Qaida’s internet efforts. Basically they just troll message boards and other places on the internet and post bin Laden’s releases early and generally disrupt the marketing effort.

Since most of radical Islam consists of marketing, this is a wonderful, unexpected organic development. A heroic romantic vision of a struggle appeals to disgruntled losers everywhere, but a bumbling piece of incoherent crap will just send them back to video games and porn.

Everyone feel free to attach the 5th Generation terminology of your choice…