Interesting threads on religion and hell

This one from Reddit, about things that people say are in the bible, but aren’t – particularly this nugget
I prefer: “Light a fire for a man, and keep him warm for a night. Light a man on fire, and he’s warm for the rest of his life.”

And this article about the many and varied definitions of hell, which I remember my dad talking about 30 years ago or so (short version, the fire is everlasting, the suffering isn’t – at the end of days the wicked are just erased from existence)

Remembering Norm MacDonald

Today I’ve been listening to Norm MacDonald clips on Youtube autoplay (along with lots of other people apparently), then for some reason I looked at my kindle highlights from his book – one that struck me was

Thanks to my father, who is gone but thought of fondly and often. We will meet again, Dad, in the place you live and I cannot imagine.

“Though of fondly and often” is the best any of us can hope for in the long run.

After reading a bit of Tolstoy recently I really do see how MacDonald was influenced by him – seeing things as a whole is how all of his comedy works, much the same way Tolstoy’s stories (that I’ve read) were really all just explanations of ONE mysterious thing.