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Throwing stuff to the wall

Via Marginal Revolution, here comes today’s quote of the day

Trying stuff is cheaper than deciding whether to try it. (Compare the cost of paying and feeding someone to do a few weeks of [Perl or PHP] hacking to the full cost of the meetings that went into a big company decision.) Don’t overplan something. Just do it half-assed to start with, then throw more people at it to fix it if it works.

The market is a discovery process after all.

Random Thursday links

Saturday rapid fire

  1. Forests paying the price for biofuels – not that surprising really. Everything has a cost.
  2. Good and bad procrastination

    That’s the sense in which the most impressive people I know are all procrastinators. They’re type-C procrastinators: they put off working on small stuff to work on big stuff.

    What’s “small stuff?” Roughly, work that has zero chance of being mentioned in your obituary.