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    Quote of the day

    From Tyler Cowen’s conversation with Elisa New

    COWEN: Why would anyone ever have wanted to be a Puritan?

    NEW: That’s a great question. That’s a terrific question and one that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. Being a Puritan is a great way to live a psychologically very candid life, [laughs] if what you want is actually not to be repressed at all.

    We think of the Puritans as very repressed, but instead, you want to be marinating in and giving a lot of attention to all of your own insecurities and sense of, “I goofed that up. I messed that one up. Oh, that didn’t work out very well.” If you want to cultivate your inner life, it’s really great to be a Puritan.
    If you want to live a kind of high-octane life of extremes, you want to feel the exultation of a day like this in New England, where the green of the grass and the blue of the sky announce to you that God’s creation is the most eloquent of all creations. If that’s what you’re after, that kind of intensity, New England Puritanism is a really good religion for you.

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  • family

    Amusing things said at bedtime

    Marleigh: Daddy – how do you think you’re going to die?

    Me: Uhhhhhhhh – of old age I hope

    Marleigh: How old?

    Me: About 112 – how do you think I’m going to die

    Marleigh: You’ll probably be killed by a monster who hates us, but my love will bring you back (and makes hand gestures indicating casting of spells)

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  • programming

    Evolution of software

    1. Day 1 – Great – Software Product X does [THING]
    2. Day 365 – Man – it sure is complicated to use Product X to do [THING]
    3. Day 730 – Man – that [THING] is slow
    4. Day 1095 – No one notices [THING] because that [THING] has been automated and is happening in the background somewhere.

    I’m going to use this as a way of streamlining operations.

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