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Tuesday link roundup

Rest In Peace Sarah Stever

Yesterday I received a call from a friend telling me that a friend of ours, Sarah Snow Stever had passed away at the age of 35, from a stroke apparently. It’s very sad; I didn’t know her that well, mostly from various bluegrass jams, and I only met her husband once, but it’s shocking to realize that someone so young can be taken from us all. Sarah, we’ll miss you.

Obituary here.

Circle of friends

I often read the surveys filled out by the happy wanderers of MySpace. One of the recurring questions is “Are your friends mostly male or female?”.

Were one to put a timer on the amount of time I spend talking/hanging out with people, I imagine I would spend a slight majority of my time with my male friends, but in absolute numbers, I would imagine that two thirds of my friends are female.

Interestingly, while my conversations with my male friends tend to be general purpose, conversations with the female friends tend to be more specialized. Some I talk to just talk to about work, some about art, some about music, some about family, and one I talk to almost exclusively about health and emotions. It’s odd when you think about it.

Happy 32 Mr Leland

I just got back from dinner with the House of Leland (celebrating Adam’s recent birthday) at Manuel’s Tavern. I had a nice time. Upon my return through the ever-flooded Dekalb County streets I find that Drex has torn down more of the blinds. Oh well.

Here are the photos I took