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My work in progress

It’s the eventual top of my first commisioned piece, the top is turning out quite well. At the moment it’s all end grain oak, cherry and walnut. It’s in keeping with my usual King Arthur/Giant slab style, and currently weights about 55 pounds. The top is going to increase in size by about 40% or so and be around 46 inches tall once the base is built.

Thursday link roundup

  • This Agitator post illustrates in perfect detail why it’s not even worth trying anymore. Short version, a noble citizen does soemthing that would save the fovernment 2.2 million dollars and deliver a higher quality. The feds refuse, and take years in doing so. Your tax dollars at sloth.
  • Putin’s Rise to Power
  • – really cool
  • Oil Econ 101 – and oldie but a goodie
  • This little nugget from Marginal Revolution

    In Brazil, they segregate their prisons according to gang membership. No exceptions. Not even for individuals who in fact are not members of any gang.

    How does that work? Easy. Upon being admitted to the prison system, unaffiliated prisoners are required to join a gang.

Soon you shall all see….

This week I’m going to post short summaries of all my book ideas and hold a vote for which one I should actually start, should anyone care. I have about five fleshed out ideas I’ve accumulated over the past ten years or so.

Wednesday round up

  1. Torture Warrants – it deals with everything honestly I suppose.
  2. Google founders buy a private jet – and yet “We’ve worked very hard to make sure our [net] impact on the environment is positive”
  3. The gutlessness of the Republican party is amazing.
  4. Kinky!
  5. Topless protesters – though after a certain age one’s cause doesn’t really break even in effectiveness. The organization is called “Breasts not bombs” though I see no reason why we can’t have both.
  6. Ayn Rand’s cover illustrator is still alive and has some wonderful art on his site. I highly recommend it. His prints are exhorbitantly expensive sadly.
  7. Wonderful pulp art (the Shadow) from Micah Wright, who it would seem is a fraud in his other endeavors.
  8. Twinsparc has released