What I’m Doing Now

Based on an idea by David Sivers

Written May 23rd, 2024

Marleigh is finishing up seventh grade – schoolwise, with the exception of the recent tragedy, it has been a very good year for her – she has gained massively in maturity and responsibility – at the current rate, I’ll be signing over power of attorney in a few months.

Work has continued to be the same – I have made little progress on any of my side projects.  I am a bit closer to a marathon and my kettlebell and club work proceeds on pace.  More updates later.

Written March 24, 2024

I need to update this more often – in any case

Starting on March 20, 2024 I started eating carrots and am stopping drinking protein shakes – we’ll see if my general health trends improve.

Just a record of change.


Written May 22, 2018

Marleigh is finishing up first grade – Math is tough, but her reading is exceptionally well (much like me at that age, and now).  She still wants to be a zoologist when she grows up – she will be spending a goodly number of weeks at zoo camp this summer, though not as many as last year.  Staci is still at Rhen’s Nest Toy shop and liking it there.

I’ve finally finished up the cnc (four years, but it’s done), and I’m exploring how to actually work the thing now that it’s built (from scratch, no plans!).  I’m also playing guitar slightly more, basically I need to unlearn a lot of bad habits and I’m making some progress on that front.  Both dogs are doing well – Dagney is actually doing better than before – she’s lost 12 pounds and while not active, is much more mobile than she was a year ago (not sure how, but I’ll take it) –  Zadoch is mellowing in his old age.

Projects and Work Goals:

  1. Books I’m Going to Write: Not started
  2. Songs I’m going to finish and record: Not Started
  3. Learning Angular: A little bit, not en0ugh
  4. Running Marathon: some progress – I might be in good enough shape by Thanksgiving
  5. Reading More:  Yes – a good amount actually
  6. Actually going to church at least every other week: Not  Quite