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    Your tax dollars at work

    In the form of a brazen retirement scam at the Fulton County Clerks office. Basically the old clerk retires and her successor hires her back at $55 an hour.

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution learned through open-records requests and interviews that Hicks is working without a contract, that her new job has no written goals or deadlines and has delivered no tangible work product in six months of employment.

    All this and the roads aren’t fixed.

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    More on the Beltline scam

    From today’s AJC

    Mason owns 5 miles of the proposed Beltline in northeast Atlanta. He had offered about half of his land to Atlanta for the Beltline network of transit, trails and parks. Atlanta planners rejected his offer and instead offered him a deal in which he would have donated his land to Atlanta in exchange for the right to develop about 2,000 residences anywhere in the city.

    What is amazing is that this is going on in public. He sells the land in exchange for permits? How is that not every definition of graft?