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RIP Steve Mizerak

The CNNSI article

I got his “Pool the Master’s Way” videotapes in the early 90s, and to date, they were the best instructional investment I’ve ever made, and I have dozens of instructional tapes and DVD’s over the years. They improved my pool game several hundred percent.

My head explodes

I’ve been up for two days, it’s due in two hours, and they’re still making changes to the project!?!?!?!?!?!

UPDATE: Made it with 20 minutes to spare. Yay me.

Things I don’t believe in

A list of things I don’t believe in, for no reason other than I find their proponents objectionable, or sensationalistic.

  • Intelligent Design theory
  • Global Warming
  • Public education reform
  • Keyboards in rock music
  • Authenticity as a meaningful part of music
  • McCarthyism being a defining moment of American History
  • Native American culture being inherently earth friendly
  • Anything to do with “carbs”
  • Apple’s vaunted OS stability
  • Apple’s better “interface”
  • Any positive influence of Janis Joplin
  • The oft-touted claim by libertarians that 20% of Americans are libertarian also
  • “Natural” foods
  • Homeopathy
  • Divorce being a public/social problem
  • Stem cell research being a big deal, for good or ill
  • Biomass fuels
  • Peak oil
  • Addictive personalities
  • Chiropractors

The decaffeinated Steve

So, after more than two weeks of a low-caffeine lifestyle I conclude that the net results are positive.

The good:

  • I’m not as moody or edgy
  • Apparently I’ve stopped fidgeting in the evenings
  • I’m not sleeping any more or less

The bad

  • I’m a much heavier sleeper than I used to be (which elevates it to near coma)
  • My sleep schedule is more erratic than it used to be
  • I’m back to having periodic insomnia, though it’s not that bad.

This happened without me

Rally for national sales tax draws overflow crowd
About 4,500 raucous tax protesters packed the Gwinnett Convention Center on Wednesday night to hear politicians, musicians and talk show celebrities call for the end of the federal income tax and the creation of a 23 percent national sales tax to replace it.

I have yet to hear the logic of what gets taxed and what doesn’t, and why the IRS doesn’t morph into some national enforcement arm, but it’s a good trend.

Victory was mine (somehow)

I did the open mic last night at Limerick. I played a rather weak set of Walkin’ Cane, my Tom Waits’ song, the new one (Left Alone) and Raining this Morning. Somehow I won.

I’m going to be practicing the songs instead of the flatpicking all week now.

Quick Monday round up