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    The table goes to table heaven

    Where it will listen to different music I’m sure. I finally finished it today after about ten weeks of slow construction – I’ve been finishing it for the past 3 weeks in fact.

    The majority of the time was spent creating and joining all of the pieces of the top together (about 50 or so). You can’t quite tell in the below photos but the top is all end grain oak, cherry and walnut. The stain melds the colors a bit.

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    Dry Fit!

    Here is the current state of the woodworking project. I went with SYP for the sides and shelves (with a gel stain, it looks very nice). On to finishing!

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    My work in progress

    It’s the eventual top of my first commisioned piece, the top is turning out quite well. At the moment it’s all end grain oak, cherry and walnut. It’s in keeping with my usual King Arthur/Giant slab style, and currently weights about 55 pounds. The top is going to increase in size by about 40% or so and be around 46 inches tall once the base is built.

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    Surprisingly not injured

    So, I continue on my floating shelf project, which to date is 200% over budget (mostly due to my adding other features to the project). I’m doing the final triple bead on the second support with my wonderful new Porter-Cable router, and

    1. a clamp breaks
    2. which causes the router to climb (go in the wrong direction)
    3. which screws up the carefully engineered eight quarter oak I’d been working on for the past hour
    4. which causes said wood to go flying around, running into the router from the wrong direction
    5. which causes my newest, priciest, router bit (a triple bead, it was forty bucks, which is a lot for a single bit) to actually bend about 15 degrees at the shank
    6. which causes the router to lurch in my hand, pulling me forward a little bit

    Happily I maintain control of the router and remain unharmed. I wear safely goggles and ear protection, but jeez, I’m going to have to start wearing chain mail if this keeps up.

    Finger Count: still 10.

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    Sunday morning links

    Sorry for the light blogging work, getting the condo ready for sale is taking up quite some time. Here are some links for everyone

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