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The old round up

  • Digital Camera crop factors
  • 20 things not to do when starting a business – I stayed away from most of them
  • More solar power
  • via Marginal Revolution

    The public’s opinion of past wars improves as a new war approaches. Thus, after Vietnam most people thought the war was a mistake and this held true for decades until the beginning of the Iraq war when the opinion of war in Vietnam suddenly improved! Even more dramatically, a majority of people thought that World War I was a mistake until World War II approached when the percentage thinking it was a good war doubled.

  • The worst school murders actually happened in 1927, though it did not involve shootings. It’s a horrifying story.

Friday round up

  • Crime Crews
  • Where the Fortune 50 CEOs went to college – appearances by Georgia State and Georgia Tech, surprisingly little Ivy League.
  • Government menstrual forms, really, to quote

    Women officers must write down their “detailed menstrual history and history of LMP [last menstrual period] including date of last confinement [maternity leave],” the form says.

    I like the use of the term “confinement” for maternity leave.

  • Solar Power – I was wondering why companies like this didn’t already exist. Essentially they install (and own) solar panels on top of your house, and you buy it from them them at the rate you’re paying the power company. I met them yesterday at the Home Show at the World Congress Center. A good idea.