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    Quote of the day

    From this book review

    It is plain that the core of his identity, his heart of hearts, is not that of a man who is black. It is that of a man who knows a whole lot more about things than you do and is intent on setting you straight, at length if necessary, if you’d only listen. Take a look at those glasses, that awkward grin, those sweater-vests, and consider his deep interest in Albert Einstein and other geniuses: Thomas Sowell is less an African American than a Nerd American.

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    Thoughts working their way out

    Col Lang‘s definition of a neocon as one who “believes in a homogeneous future” has been lurking in the back of my mind for the past few days. It’s one of those aphorisms that change entire viewpoints just a bit, just like Thomas Sowell’s notion of the constrained vs the unconstrained view of human nature.

    More thoughts later.

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    Line of the moment

    From Thomas Sowell

    “Intellectuals’ ability to think of people in the abstract is a dangerous talent in a world where people differ in all the ways that make them people.”

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