May 16

Cartoons of the moment

This SMBC Cartoon – summarizes me quite well


Apr 16

Thought of the moment

Liberalism and conservatism started as ideology, but have evolved into anxiety disorders.

Apr 16

Quote of the day

From Slate Star

Having only things you don’t like repressed looks from the inside a lot like there being no repression at all.


There are taboos in history, too, and in economics, and in political science, and although they’re less obvious and interesting they still mean you need this same skepticism when parsing results from these fields. “But every legitimate scientist disagrees with this particular Reactionary belief!” should be said with the same intonation as “But every legitimate archbishop disagrees with this particular heresy.”

Mar 16

Donald Trump is the product of campaign finance reform

He’s been riding off free press coverage, with no spend on his part of anyone else’s.  This is what our mass media selects for.

Mar 16

The simple way of determining if machines threaten your job

Machines taking jobs has been an interest of mine, since I read Tyler Cowen’s Average Is Over – and all the blog posts and what not since then.

Seemingly the best rule of thumb is that if you can do your job while a little drunk, then the machines are already on the way!  The judgement of algorithms is good enough at this point to make up for what machines cannot determine.

Mar 16

Things that make me feel old

The difference in years between right now and George W Bush’s election is the same as between Reagan and Goldwater.  The difference between right now and Clinton’s first term is the difference between Reagan and Eisenhower!  Granted, his second term, but still.

Feb 16

Quote of the day

From Dot Net Rocks

Genius is an event, not an attribute

Jan 16

Phrase of the day

From somewhere on Pandora

Sick of being the Powerless Elite

A handy pejorative for your political opponents!

Jan 16

Atheism, Agnostics and annoyances

It occurred to me while listening to a podcast that my primary frustration with agnostics and atheists is the conflation of either a lack of thinking or a lack of imagination with “Reason”.  I am an adherent to the Hoffer/Haidt notion that religion is (in part) a sense, that people have to varying degrees.  I lack a sense for sushi, as well as jazz – such spectrum quirks should not be equated with logic, reason and thought.

Dec 15

Christmas in Atlanta