Jan 16

Phrase of the day

From somewhere on Pandora

Sick of being the Powerless Elite

A handy pejorative for your political opponents!

Jan 16

Atheism, Agnostics and annoyances

It occurred to me while listening to a podcast that my primary frustration with agnostics and atheists is the conflation of either a lack of thinking or a lack of imagination with “Reason”.  I am an adherent to the Hoffer/Haidt notion that religion is (in part) a sense, that people have to varying degrees.  I lack a sense for sushi, as well as jazz – such spectrum quirks should not be equated with logic, reason and thought.

Dec 15

Christmas in Atlanta

Dec 15

Quote of the moment

From a podcast, something like

“Our modern age is defined by being asynchronous”

Nov 15

Quote of the day….

From a Lorne Green song on Pandora

Gold makes a fine servant but a cruel master

Nov 15

Extremely well put – re: the working class and the Democratic Party

From this extremely good article on the poorest town in America

They say, why aren’t these people voting their self-interest? People always vote their self-interest if they can see it. If they believe the government doesn’t work, if they believe that the Democrats don’t really give a shit about people like them, don’t want to be in the same room with them, they want their vote but don’t want to hang out with them, then as they see it they’re voting their self-interest,” he said.

Nov 15

Inside the mad scientist lair…

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Nov 15

New Motto

When in doubt – think like a bookie.

Oct 15

Our modern times

Microsoft is drop shipping me something from China!  It’s amazing the supply chain is that integrated.

Oct 15

We used to call it the flypaper strategy

The more things change…

It occurred to me today that the events in Syria/Iraq etc are more or less a replay of the events of 2005 – i.e. every wannabe mass murderer the world over is gravitating to the place where their deviancy is rewarded (sort of like Richard Florida’s “Creative Class” theory, but with beheadings).  Back then we called it the “Flypaper Strategy” and was seens as a good thing to have them all in one place, far away, and fighting military units.  Now we are all quite apprehensive about it – and worry about what happens when they come home, if they do.

The greater meaning eludes me.