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Lessons learned from recording

Well, after about a week after hearing what I actually sounded like (via the USB mic) I have cut my practice speed by about 10%. So far I’m liking the result. The tone has improved a good bit, and I’m closer to reaching Norman Blake’s right hand goal of “shaking water off your hand”. It’s a whole arm motion, similar to throwing a baseball, with little wrist effort involved.

On another note, Mike has pictures from the Millions More March.

Dreamcatcher Guitar Workshop

The Lawrence Juber workshop at Dreamcatcher was interesting. There’s no denying that he’s an incredibly talented and innovative player, as well as a master of different tunings. He seemed to be playing a bit too much for the guitar nerd (which is his market) and it wound up being something of an acoustic Satriani, which is good, but not to my taste.