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    Conspiracy thoughts

    If I were partial to the intentional fallacy, I would think this:

    1. Dick Cheney does his interview with the MSM/Fox the same day that more Abu Ghraib photos come out. The photos don’t actually add anything to the case mind you, but they are more fuel on the fire. The Cheney story seems to have trumped the photo story.
    2. The whole cartoon controversy is ginned up by the establishment regimes in the middle east as a way to shut out Western influence. By making a mountain out of a molehill via artful use of rent-a-mobs they can freak out the West by seeming totally crazy by Western standards and only a little crazy by Middle Eastern standards. This puts pressure on economic and cultural ties between the two regions, and will do a lot to pressure European governments to limit immigration from the Muslim countries. This keeps Western thought out and lets the weird combination of monarchies and theocracies in power.
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