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    This should be our national motto

    As I wait for the Outlook repair tool to truncate my email file, here’s some stuff I’ve been meaning to get on the web. The below should be our national goal.

    From Between the Devil and the Dragon by Eric Hoffer, the diary entry from February 11, 1959

    I live in a society full of blemishes and deformities. But it is a society that gives every man elbow room to do the things near to his heart. In no other county is it so possible for a man of determination to go ahead, with whatever it is he sets his heart on, without compromising his integrity. Of course, those who set their heart on acclaim and fortune must cater to other people’s demands. But for those who want to be left alone to realize their capacities and talents, this is an ideal county. It is incredible how easy it is in this county to cut oneself off from what one disapproves–from all vulgarity, mendacity, conformity, subservience, speciousness, and other corrupting influences and infections.

    Perfectly put.

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