Apr 16

Quote of the day

From Slate Star

Having only things you don’t like repressed looks from the inside a lot like there being no repression at all.


There are taboos in history, too, and in economics, and in political science, and although they’re less obvious and interesting they still mean you need this same skepticism when parsing results from these fields. “But every legitimate scientist disagrees with this particular Reactionary belief!” should be said with the same intonation as “But every legitimate archbishop disagrees with this particular heresy.”

Nov 13

Your link of the day: Michael Malloy

aka Mike the Durable.

Jun 13

Monday Links of Interest

  1. Farm Drones
  2. A very good rain / noise generator
  3. Life in bubbles / a quiz (I got six out of ten)
  4. What is the hardest langauge to learn (infographic)

Jan 13

Links of Interest

  • An awesome visualization of Migration Flows
  • Random thought – I came across a blog comment (a random walk from TDAXP) a while ago (something about social class) who suggested that the whole reason that libertarians don’t care about social class (i.e. the 1%, underclass, etc) is that libertarianism consists largely of the high side of the autistic spectrum and libertarians are incapable of seeing social class.  The implied assumption is that listening to libertarians talk about social class stuff is like listening to blind people talk about paintings.  IMHO that is a feature, not a bug but opinions will vary.  An interesting thought.


Jan 13

This is funny – apparently a gangster in England has the same name as I do

Check it out on YouTube

Nov 12

New Random Info

Oct 12

Tuesday reading and links

Is Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes? – from the NYT

Random fact – the “Black Box” on an airplane is actually orange.


Sep 12

Quote of the day – Thursday edition

MMM nails it

Not many people realize it, but food, clothing, housing, durable goods, travel, and a host of other things are cheaper today than they have been throughout most of history. These prices have actually been dropping in inflation-adjusted terms for decades. So if you focus your spending on meeting your needs, as the MMM family likes to do, you couldn’t have been born at a better time. Life is fantastic.

On the other hand, corporate marketing skill and consumer envy have been rising faster than inflation for quite some time.

From Ramit

every time an HR rep gets fired, a life coach is born

Sep 12

Worth reading on 9-4-2012

  • “Fools win pointless arguments by experience.”
  • The functions of faith
  • Quote of the day

    if you don’t get excited by numbers like $1600 and $2300 per year, I need you to take a break from reading, print out a picture of me, and use it to punch yourself in the face while looking into the mirror so you can watch the grave disciplinary scene unfold.

Oct 09

I’m still alive!

Not that you would know it by my pathetic posting. Here’s some links for you, my loyal and neglected followers

  • Comparing Modern Education to a Placebo
  • Ideas and Execution
  • More from Sivers

    Meeting a person who wrote a masterpiece on the back of a deli menu would not surprise me. Meeting a person who wrote a masterpiece with a silver Cartier fountain pen on an antique writing table in an airy SoHo loft would seriously surprise me.

    A fancy tool just gives the second-rater one more pillar to hide behind. Which is why there are so many second-rate art directors with state-of-the-art Macintosh computers.

  • I really liked Never Eat Alone