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Remembering Norm MacDonald

Today I’ve been listening to Norm MacDonald clips on Youtube autoplay (along with lots of other people apparently), then for some reason I looked at my kindle highlights from his book – one that struck me was

Thanks to my father, who is gone but thought of fondly and often. We will meet again, Dad, in the place you live and I cannot imagine.

“Though of fondly and often” is the best any of us can hope for in the long run.

After reading a bit of Tolstoy recently I really do see how MacDonald was influenced by him – seeing things as a whole is how all of his comedy works, much the same way Tolstoy’s stories (that I’ve read) were really all just explanations of ONE mysterious thing.

Random thoughts after a visit to Myrtle Beach

  1. People have gained an average of 10 pounds since the beginning of the pandemic
  2. Social comity has frayed, the easy things that keep a society running, parking in handicapped spaces, smoking in non-smoking areas, glass bottles by the pool, etc.
  3. Delta 8 seems to be everywhere
  4. It takes a lot to get arrested these days
  5. Originality in tattoos is rare