Apr 17

Quick Shot of the Mission in Riverside CA

Feb 13

An engrossing episode of sesame street


Jul 08

Home is where they feed me

Assuming no one calls from the found dog signs I’ll be putting up tomorrow, it looks like Drex has a new playmate. Her name is tentatively Frida. I think someone abandoned her today. She’s very sweet and submissive and gets along surprisingly well with Drex. They both seem to have agreed that he is the Alpha of the two. Beyond that he doesn’t really care. Hopefully she can stop him from freaking out during thunderstorms.

Aug 07

Some of the Chicago photos are up

I could only bring my small Canon to the actual festival. Here are some of the shots I took with the big Nikon. All of the Superman stuff is from Metropolis Illinois, where they do in fact have a 30 foot high Superman statue, as well as endless fields of corn.

Check out the Gallery.

Jan 07

Friday night in Alpharetta

At long last, a new gallery, with photos made with the new flash, the one below is my new favorite self portrait.