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Isaiah’s Job and the Thousand True Fans

I never thought of the similarity between Kevin Kelly’s One Thousand True Fans (from 2008) essay and Albert Jay Nock’s obscure epic Isaiah’s Job (from 2006) – both are about eschewing mass market appeal – and narrowing in on a select group (Kelly’s thousand true fan’s – Nock’s the Remnant) who truly understand whatever it is your’re doing.  The similarities are rather odd.

I just got memoirs of a superfluous man on kindle – I guess I’ll have to check and see if there are any similarities to classic issues of Wired…

Stalin: The Kremlin Mountaineer – a most excellent little book

So – I stumbled across Stalin: The Kremlin Mountaineer on Amazon (it’s a Kindle single) and it’s the best book I’ve read on anything Russian, ever, and the first book in a number of years I’ve wished was longer. The single strangest thing I learned was that Collective Farming was inspired by a giant American farm somewhere in the upper Midwest.

My early Mr Robot prediction

I think the big reveal of the show will be that E-Corp/China has somehow conquered death, and people live forever in emulation. Angela will be revealed to be housing the emulation/image of her mom much like Elliot houses his dad. And somehow – being pushed out the window was the cover for implanting the software (or something like that).