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Feb 17

America the beautiful and disunited

From the ever readable Scott Alexander

Just as humanizing the Nazis is a two-way street, so pointing out the bizarre lack of dissent in Nazi Germany is both distressing and encouraging. Distressing because – how could ordinary humans tolerate that? But encouraging because – well, it seems almost possible to imagine a world where something goes wrong and America ends up overtly fascist. Yet even in my worst nightmares I can’t imagine a world where America ends up overtly fascist and nobody is annoying and obstructionist about it. Arendt’s picture of Germany, where the ruling party has 90% approval and dissent is unthinkable – you can’t get there from here. We’re never unanimous about anything.

I thank G-d for the annoying obstructionists, for the nitpickers, for the devil’s advocates, for the people who hear something that’s obviously true and strain to come up with an absurd thought experiment where it might not be, for the reflexive contrarians, for the people who always vote third party, for the people who urge you to sign petitions on whitehouse.gov because “then the President has to respond”, for the people who have two hundred guns in their basement “just in case”, for the people who say “well, actually…” all the time, for the mayors of sanctuary cities and the clerks who refuse to perform gay weddings, for the people who think being banned on Twitter is a violation of their human rights, and for the people who swear eternal hostility to other people on the same side who agree with them on 99% of everything. On the spectrum from “totally ungovernable” to “vulnerable to Nazism”, I think that we’ve erred in the right direction.

I’ve long maintained that any time “America comes together” means that something absolutely terrible has happened, or we’re about to do something very stupid.

Do read the whole article – particularly about Denmark and Bulgaria

Jan 17

Random thoughts – inauguration day

Or the marches and protests anyway. the best way to change the world is to hang out with people who already agree with you root and branch.

A couple thoughts –

1. Since the whole John Lewis thing happened no one about the supposed Russia hacking.
2. What could the Russian’s have on Trump that could embarrass him at this point? Money laundering perhaps?
3. No one has talked about the Panama papers in months.
4. No one has talked about the OPM hack (supposedly committed by China) in a year.
5. Russian has managed to elevate itself in our eyes from a grouchy, bankrupt regional power to it’s cold war self again, at least in terms of mindshare – all in a few months – Putin’s vanity must be flattered.
6. Talk of Nato withdrawal has been quiet while Russia tensions have escalated
7. Trumps health care picks have some degree of potential

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Thought of the moment

Liberalism and conservatism started as ideology, but have evolved into anxiety disorders.

Dec 15

Christmas in Atlanta

Nov 15

Extremely well put – re: the working class and the Democratic Party

From this extremely good article on the poorest town in America

They say, why aren’t these people voting their self-interest? People always vote their self-interest if they can see it. If they believe the government doesn’t work, if they believe that the Democrats don’t really give a shit about people like them, don’t want to be in the same room with them, they want their vote but don’t want to hang out with them, then as they see it they’re voting their self-interest,” he said.

Nov 15

Inside the mad scientist lair…

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