Nov 08

Quick Sunday link

Dec 07

Monday links

Dec 07

X-Sql, welcome to the Blogroll

I have recently discovered that my friend Naim has recently started blogging about software matters and such at http://xsqlsoftware.blogspot.com/

Welcome to the blogsphere!

Dec 07

Ron Paul Spam

Check out this article from Ars Technica on the source of all the Ron Paul spam you’ve probably been getting.

Dec 07

Amazing Time Savers!

I’ve been looking for this clip online for years now, and it finally made it’s appearance. Check out Amazing Time Savers. You do have to watch it till the end.

Nov 07

An advancement in gender equality

While perusing my spam folder to make sure there were no false positives, I came across this little gem amongst the enlargement and Viagra ads

LADIES, bigger your asset now, give your mate a big surprise

SizeUpBreast is a safe all herbal formula that helps woman to increase theirBreast Size

– help with sagging problems
– has a powerful phyto-hormonal action that leads to the growth and
development of the areoli and consequently TheBreast size.

* if your are her BF/HUBBY, buy your girl this 100% safe BreastEnhancement Pill
* you will feel proud of having LargerBoobie mate

About time women got their share of annoying email.

Nov 07

An original Flash interface

Check out Schematic.

Nov 07

I never thought I’d say this but…

This is a Flash intro worth seeing.

Sep 07

A cool ASP.net feature

If you’re getting strange ASP.net errors like “Padding is invalid and cannot be removed”, check out this entry on CodingHorror.com.

Sep 07

An awesome use of web video

Check out dylanmessaging.com