Saw Batman

Eric and I saw Batman Begins on Saturday night. I have to say I recommend it highly. They stuck close with Frank Miller’s “Year One” series and portrayed Bruce Wayne as a dark, angry figure, with none of the campyness that characterized the television series. Christian Bale performs very well as Bruce Wayne and Batman, the other characters did excellent jobs as well.

The Ras Al Gul character was a bit different, in the movie, he plays more of a spiritual leader (to put it nicely) in the comic book he ‘s more of a genocidal eco-terrorist. The Henri Ducard role is different as well (at least different that the Joe Hamm story I read.) Scarecrow was extremely well done, and Gary Oldman could not have done a better job.

Missing, curiously was any mention of Batman as the world’s greatest detective, though one can’t have everything.

After the movie Eric and I had dinner at the Rusty Nail, AKA the Smoking Gun (informally named after the barbecue smoker pictured below.

Of no significant import was the waving man outside of Decatur CD. I don’t mention it because of any great significance, but mostly because the photo turned out well.

And that was my Saturday.

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