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Random thoughts

  • A pretty significant alliance between the US and India. You would think that this would be much bigger news, especially given the rivalry between India and Pakistan and India and China.
  • Convictions in the East St Louis voter fraud trial – no surprise there really (it was all on tape). That also should have been much bigger news.
  • In South Korea (the most web connected country in the world), a woman doesn’t clean up after her dog and achieves blog infamy within one day. Start the link chain here.
  • The Rhode Island Legislature has voted to legalize medical marijuana, without even the pressure of a voter initiative. One wonder when principal-agent theory becomes something the media talks about.
  • Free Individualist Stickers – I’m pleasantly surprised by the move to brevity in bumper stickers as seen in the gold and blue “=” stickers one can see on cars in my neighborhood. The guy linked is giving out free “i” stickers (for individualism). Judging from his blog he’s a Randian of some sort and a fellow IHS seminar attendee.
  • Exposure Manager (run by a Winds of Change blogger apparently) is offering a deal to Instapundit readers.
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