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Thursday round up

I realize I stole the “rapid-fire” notion from Defense Tech.

  • < $800 Swarmable Robots – this could be the start of something wonderful, especially in agriculture and environmental cleanup. It has Linux, Bluetooth, the works. HT: Make Blog
  • Roomba API – on a similar note this could be an actually workable version of the above. I still need to get a Roomba. Or else resort to vacuuming.
  • The Counter Terrorism Blog – seems fairly interesting.
  • The Aristocrats is coming out soon (HT the Agitator)
  • Neighbors Subdue Man Stabbing Woman on NW Street

    The first neighbor sprinted when he heard the screams of a woman being slashed on his Northwest Washington street. He jumped on a knife-wielding man, and the two fell to the ground, wrestling furiously in a spreading pool of the victim’s blood.

    Soon, a second neighbor joined the fight, followed by three more. The assailant kept slipping from their grip and attacking the woman until they overpowered him and held him for police Tuesday night.

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