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Wednesday Rapid Fire

  • Yahoo News with Yahoo Maps – I’ll give Google 5 days to do this too. HT: Make
  • Google Maps with Transparencies – HT: Make
  • A glut of flat screen technology – which would be cool.
  • Google Maps Walking Distance
  • New MS Money
  • Mencken

    “All the extravagance and incompetence of our present Government is due, in the main, to lawyers, and, in part at least, to good ones. They are responsible for nine-tenths of the useless and vicious laws that now clutter the statute-books, and for all the evils that go with the vain attempt to enforce them. Every Federal judge is a lawyer. So are most Congressmen. Every invasion of the plain rights of the citizens has a lawyer behind it. If all lawyers were hanged tomorrow, and their bones sold to a mah jong factory, we’d be freer and safer, and our taxes would be reduced by almost a half.”

  • Tom G Palmer has some nice words about Admiral Stockdale, clearly the classiest guy to run for national office in quite some time.
  • Yet another review of Freakonomics, this time by James Q Wilson, the authors are on the Charlie Rose program tonight. Money quote

    “…quoting someone whose name I have forgotten: social scientists should never try to predict the future; they have trouble enough predicting the past.”

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