Technical Adventures

Here’s the sequence of events

  1. My CD burners stops working (not really a big deal at this point)
  2. Some drive starts making a weird clicking sound (no other side effects).
  3. I incorrectly assume that the clicking noise is coming from the inoperative CD burn
  4. My computer starts to freeze for tiny periods of time, in rough accordance with the clicking noises. I also acquire a need to burn a CD, I decide to fix the problem.
  5. I got to Comp USA at Lenox to get a new CD Burner but their power is out and I can’t buy the one I wanted, so I head to Circuit City.
  6. While on the way over there a guy runs into me (very lightly). Happily no harm done to either of us or our cars, so I continue on my journey.
  7. At Circuit City I get a new CD Burner one that does dual layer DVDs as well, which is pretty cool. I also get a new “quiet” case fan.
  8. Once home I install the fan and the Burner, the fan does not work (is there some secret to installing a fan besides plugging it in?
  9. I also discover that the problem drive is not the broken burner, but my main data drive
  10. Which leaves me moving data from one drive to another before the drive dies entirely. I also must re-activate windows and redo all of my drive letters. This is an annoying way to spend a Sunday evening.
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