Vegan fist

Naturally I was drawn to Vegans file lawsuit over surveillance at ham store.

That day, two vegans — vegetarians who eat only plants and plant products — were wrapping up an animal cruelty protest with a handful of other vegans when they noticed a man in a CVS pharmacy parking lot taking pictures of them.

Later, they would learn that the man was an undercover homeland security detective, according to a federal lawsuit the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia filed Thursday on the vegans’ behalf.

Short version: they have some protest, some guy takes pictures of them, they get the photographers tag number, photographer has them pulled over and then takes paper containing tag number.

Grievances: They claim their right to privacy was violated, he claims he needed the car to be used in further undercover work (which is to say he regarded his earlier actions as private).

There are too many annoyances to list individually so I’ll just stick with this one.

The primary complaint of both parties was that the other violated their right to privacy in some way. While the abortionistas have been trying to define privacy as inherently vaginal this goes even further in lunacy.

Both parties were obviously and self-consciously in public when all of this happened, namely in the Honeybaked Ham parking lot.

One can’t be in private and in public at the same time.

However isn’t it nice these three found each other?

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