Before I forget to post about these

From an Agitator post about a senator naming a building after himself (much like Cynthia McKinney and Memorial Drive).

It’d be swell to see the GOP sweeped out 1994-like next year. Not that the Democrats would be any better — or worse. I’d just like to see the Republicans get smacked around a little for their arrogance. But it won’t happen. They’ve (a) passed incumbent-protecting McCain-Feingold, and (b) gerrymandered the bejesus out of the congressional map to make sure they’re immune from accountability.

He leaves out the Roe Effect but beyond that has it about right. When will people come around to term limits?

And infrared sniper detection is cool.

You would think that five nights of rioting in Paris would be bigger news, but you’re wrong. You would also think that people would bring up the fact that the rioting is happening in Algerian immigrant neighborhoods but it seems to be not that way.

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