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Wednesday round up

  1. Torture Warrants – it deals with everything honestly I suppose.
  2. Google founders buy a private jet – and yet “We’ve worked very hard to make sure our [net] impact on the environment is positive”
  3. The gutlessness of the Republican party is amazing.
  4. Kinky!
  5. Topless protesters – though after a certain age one’s cause doesn’t really break even in effectiveness. The organization is called “Breasts not bombs” though I see no reason why we can’t have both.
  6. Ayn Rand’s cover illustrator is still alive and has some wonderful art on his site. I highly recommend it. His prints are exhorbitantly expensive sadly.
  7. Wonderful pulp art (the Shadow) from Micah Wright, who it would seem is a fraud in his other endeavors.
  8. Twinsparc has released
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