Now this is interesting

The Smoking Gun is running a long article on James Frey, author of A Million Little Piece. Apparently he made it up.

Of interest to me

During the October show, which featured Frey as its only guest, Winfrey discussed details of that tale. He was, she said, “the child you pray you never have to raise,” a raging, drug-abusing teenager who had been arrested 11 times by age 19. In college, he drank to excess, took meth, freebased cocaine, huffed glue and nitrous oxide, smoked PCP, ate mushrooms, and was “under investigation by police.” By the time he checked into Hazelden in late-1993, Frey, then 23, was “wanted in three states,” added Winfrey.

Now really, if you’ve been arrested 11 times by 19, and done all the drugs listed above, what’s left to investigate? Heavy, Bad Lieutenant style drug use would seem to preclude most heavy criminal activity, and pretty much anything else. If you’ve reached the crapping blood stage of drug use (as he claims), I don’t think you rate any high powered police attention.

I haven’t read the book, but the article is very good and very detailed. If true, (and it seems to be) Frey is quite the liar.

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