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Quick round up

  • An excellent article on Muslim immigrants in Sweden. Maybe we didn’t win the cold war. Combine cultural separation with the welfare state and you get some ghastly results. It would be interesting for someone to do an article comparing American Muslims with Europe’s. Everything I’ve seen states rather convincingly that American Muslims are slightly better on all of the social metrics (income, higher education, etc) than native born Americans, whereas Europe’s trend very poorly.
  • Senator Reid (D-Nevada) linked to Abramoff. We all knew that was coming I suppose. What is it going to take for term limits to make their come back? Maybe after more gains by the Republicans in November (my current prediction). If not, nothing will.
  • I am reflexively against anyone who declares that politician x is “playing the —– card”.
  • Quote of the moment – Mickey Kaus with “McCain is to pundit shows what lesbians are to Howard Stern.”
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