An undercovered story

Deaths fall for U.S., rise for Iraqis
U.S. military deaths during the past month have dropped to an average of about one a day, approaching the lowest level since the insurgency began two years ago, according to a USA TODAY analysis of U.S. military data.

The decline in U.S. deaths comes as Iraqi casualties are the highest since the U.S. military began tracking them in 2004.

I’ve noticed this from ABC’s This Week coverage as well, though they don’t give the numbers over time. It would be interesting to see a chart of democide in Iraq (I’m counting the insurgency as a prospective government for the purpose of this post); I would wager it’s roughly stable year to year. After so many decades of being a police state, Iraq contains a sizable number of people for whom killing is their only skill.

And while we’re on the topic, check out the WikiPedia entry on Democide. It’s an informative read on mass murders by governments over time, going back to the Mongols.

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