Blood and guts edition

Yesterday I decide to go on a lovely bike ride. I go a bit further than I normally do, and on the way back I almost run over a cutting knife placed edge up on the bike path. I would presume it was placed there deliberately.

I pick up the knife and take it to the Clarkston police station, which was only about 100 yards away. I hand it to the cop (yes, I did walk up to a cop while holding a knife. He seemed cool with it.), tell him the story and he thanks me for doing it. All was good.

Then, while passing a jogger on the path, I misjudge the amount of room I have to work with by about half an inch and greet the ground at 15 miles an hour, landing knee, shoulder and head. Happily I was wearing a helmet at the time, otherwise I would have had to go to the hospital. I wound up having bad road rash on my leg, some shoulder bruising some minor neck pain/stiffness.

I took some photos of the blood and what not, but they turned out really blurry and I’m not going to post them.

That was my day.