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The article I referred to at lunch

Where did I have lunch? What was the reference?

These things are a mystery. However, here is the article

Man accused of diverting others’ mail to himself

A man was charged with using scores of change-of-address forms to divert mail from all over the nation to his address in Beaver County.

Federal prosecutors this week charged Fred Hill of Aliquippa with wire fraud, accusing him of diverting mail from people both living and dead.

Postal inspectors said in court records that when they entered an Aliquippa home where Mr. Hill had stayed, they found “a significant volume” of abandoned mail along with lists of Social Security numbers and names of people in California, Georgia and Arkansas.

Since January, Fred Hill had used the Postal Service’s Web site to file 170 change-of-address forms since January, authorities alleged in court records. The same credit card had been used to pay the $1 charge for filing change-of-address forms online, they said.


On another note, Ralph of Luttrell Guitars did a wonderful job installing the new FishMan pickup.

That’s been my day so far.

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