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Midweek rapid fire

  • Real life Pac Man – hysterical
  • One must not question the existence of Global Warming – This is in line with a trend I’ve been noticing in the media and it’s associated hacks, which is the annoying “No serious [insert either scientist, economist, expert, industry insider, analyst] disputes the existence of [insert theory that one is pushing]” mantra.
  • Proportionate responses – one of the more daft comments on the Israel -Hezbollah conflict was that Israel’s response was disproportionate. Intentionally proportionate responses went out with the Greeks, and it’s only by accident now when the response is proportionate. The whole notion of strategy is matching strength to weakness. That is most of Sun Tsu’s Art of war.
  • – MySpace for the bluegrass/acoustic crowd. I’m listed on there as “Pale Rider”.
  • Townes van Zandt Lyrics – and some tab
  • A guide to black and white photography
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